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When your appetite is so high; don’t be happy!!!

When your appetite is so high; don’t be happy!!!

I wrote on how to deal with lack of appetite and the feedback I got was massive. So many hits were recorded on my website. The suggestions I made came to the aid of many who had difficulty feeling for food and am glad they found some help. A lot of the responders also said they had abundant appetite; some said it out of the desire to change, others too said it to make a joke out of the write up. I decided to do this piece so those who want to work on reducing their fat appetites will get some tips that will help along the way.

The terms “hyperphagia” and “polyphagia” refer to someone who is focused only on eating, or who eats a large amount before feeling full.

A high appetite only leads to one thing; which is over-eating. Over-eating is not good. Just as we all know that too much of everything is bad.

An increased appetite can be a symptom of different diseases. For example, it may be due to a mental condition or a problem with the endocrine gland. An increased appetite can come and go (intermittent), or it can last for long periods of time (persistent). This will depend on the cause.

More food means more chance for the body to store the excess as fat. This deforms you; pot-belly, big arms, puffy face, obesity, etc. Though increased appetite does not result in weight gain in some people, it does in many others. This also means an increased susceptibility to diseases related to obesity like diabetes, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, heart diseases, etc.

No one wants to eat their way into sickness so the way out is to tame your high appetite. I know that the lockdown situation has created a lot of boredom. As a response, people eat to comfort themselves. This is a hard situation to deal with I agree. We are all battling it. But the point is, will you continue to record high figures on your weight and your lab results because of the boredom? This cannot be, you have to do something to help yourself.

There are so many ways we can suggest as a means to deal with your high appetite; these are proven methods. They include;

  1. Eating enough protein. This will increase feelings of fullness, make you eat less at your next meal and help you lose fat. The protein should however be made fat free before cooking and consuming. Frying it also will not help so keep it grilled, roasted or boiled.
  2. Opting for fiber-rich foods. Here too you are filled up easily after eat just a little food. There is no room for consuming a lot of the energy giving foods, and absolutely no room for lots of food.
  3. Picking solids over liquids. These solid dry foods will make you feel full easily. Thus giving the advantage of eating less food. It will help tame your extravagant appetite.
  4. Drinking coffee is also a way of reducing one’s appetite. Keep quantities low if you are managing hypertension. Choosing decaffeinated coffee is a sure way of going low on caffeine so consider that.
  5. Filling up on water. Water fills your stomach and thus prevents more not necessary amounts of food from getting in. It is a place holder material. Drink water just at the beginning of a meal and you will feel full sooner than expected.
  6. Eating mindfully. Settle it in your mind that you are eating, concentrate on the food and finish the small amounts that you have set before yourself.
  7. Taking some dark chocolate. This is also a way of helping manage appetite for food. You can try it.
  8. Eating some ginger. Spice up your meals with ginger and you will see a decline in the amounts you eat as the days go by.
  9. Eating on smaller plates. In your mind’s eye, a full small plate means a lot of food. Whereas in actual sense, it is just a little food.
  10. Using a big fork to eat, you will feel full earlier.
  11. Getting enough sleep because the more you stay up, the more likely it is that you will feel hungry.
  12. Managing stress well so you do not find comfort in eating a lot of food.
  13. Eating omega 3 fats regularly.
  14. Visualizing eating the foods you crave.

To conclude, I would like to advise that we crave for normal appetite levels; not the very high ones.

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