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Love yourself a little; do these

Love yourself a little; do these

Self-love is an important principle not only for bringing joy, happiness and realizing one’s worth but also for improving one’s health and well-being. Often we show love to people (family and friends) by ensuring that they are not hurt. Just consider the length at which you go to ensure that a sick child, spouse or parent receives the best of healthcare; just so that they do not die and leave you. This shows that love actually cares.

That is why if you love yourself, you should care for yourself. This however is not the case. Many people do not care for themselves at all. The hustle and bustle they go through daily steals that time needed for self-care. In the end, stress and disease become the result.

One of the ways you can love yourself is by having enough sleep and rest. I know many of you, especially the young ones will whine and laugh at this point. It is obvious that there will not be time to sleep when work demands are so high. But planning one’s activities well and making room for enough sleep; may be at night can be one of the best routes to ensuring good health.

You will naturally not allow your body to feel hungry for long because you love yourself. But this love even becomes more meaningful if you choose healthy foods. How will you eat something that will hurt you in the end? When that happens, it is right to say that you hate yourself.

A patient said to me a few weeks ago: “I will love myself, I will eat well to bring my cholesterol down”. These words hit me so hard, of course in the right way. We can all learn from it. Love yourself to the point of making decisions that will heal you and stick by them. The good things you do benefit you first; like when you eat healthy, you are the primary beneficiary of the good health that comes with eating well.

Unfortunately, some people sit before me after they have been referred to me for dietary advice and they behave as if when they eat well, I (the dietician) will be the recipient of the good blood sugar levels, good cholesterol levels, lost weight, good blood pressure, etc that comes with doing so. This is sad, isn’t it?

Such are the kind of people who go home with advise that they do not follow. Then years later, they appear again at the clinic with many more diseases in addition to the simple ones that they refused to take care of. Such a life choice is similar to going on suicide missions; knowing what is good for you but despising them. Absolutely a wrong move.

You will exercise if you love yourself. That is the only way you can achieve some weight loss, lose that pot-belly, maintain your beauty, among other benefits. I see how hard it is for my obese patients to even get up from their sit when they visit my consulting rooms. Also many of them cannot afford to bend down and lace their own shoes, this frustrates them severely. With love for oneself, you will be motivated to make your body feel and breathe better, you will exercise.

Those who exercise really feel good. There is some peace within the body that is exercised regularly. This is best felt than described; so if you want to know it, just feel it. Hit the road, get a walk, dance, swim, or do any exercise that you find easy to do.

So I say, love yourself a little more. Stop taking decisions that steal your health and joy. Make that move that will benefit your health greatly.

May God bless your efforts!!!

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