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Join the keep-fit walks but eat well later.

Join the keep-fit walks but eat well later.

I see many flyers on social media and many posters around town inviting people for a walk or the other come Saturday 4th March, 2023. It is such a good time to join these keep fit activities, given that some holidays are also around the corner. I therefore encourage everyone to join the rallying call.

This is welcome news, a very welcome one judging from the fact that lifestyle related diseases have taken center stage in our Ghanaian society. This situation is not a good one as many young people are getting strokes, kidney diseases, hypertension, diabetes, just to mention a few. The least said about the number of people dying from these diseases, the better.

Calls for us to eat well are on-going from all angles, since bad diets are to blame largely for the current state of affairs. No doubts we see good outcomes in people who embrace healthy eating. Even though such people mostly wait to become victims before taking the necessary action.

Exercise is the next best natural remedy for curing lifestyle related diseases and so as a wellness advocate,  I am so happy to see the many calls to action; invites to exercise.  A las, a saviour has come to town; let’s all join the train.

But am sad a little bit, why? Because these exercise jamborees will be an activity shrouded in futility for many patrons. It’s a call to party over food and drinks rather than to perform a potential good health giving or in summary a lifesaving activity.

Food, bad and unhealthy food, not one that will save lives is what will be on display. Many people will not understand you if you draw their attention to the fact that what they have already ordered for Saturday after their walk is bad.

Exercise is good for the body because it leads to fat loss, it improves blood circulation, it strengthens the muscles, it improves brain function, it removes pains and aches, it strengthens immunity, it improves mood and it makes one fit and strong.

All the above benefits can be eroded almost immediately if one feasts on some bad food just after the exercise regime. Foods like fried proteins and sausages, fried and oily rice, large portions of any meal, etc are bad foods or bad eating habits that can make nonsense of your exercise regime.

Taking plenty soft drinks and alcohol is also a sure way of telling your exercise regime, don’t function anymore. So in summary, more of what people do during the keep-fit activities is just a waste of precious time. This does not have to be so.

It is better to eat something healthy and small at home before stepping out to join the walks lined up for the weekend.  With your bottle of water, you are good to go walk, enjoy the company of friends, family and work colleagues and then come back home to another healthy meal.

This way,  all the energy you burn can remain burnt; so that your exercise regime affects your life in a positive way.

Aside the 4th or 5th March group walks, develop a daily habit of exercise. Just for a few minutes, say 30 minutes. You will be happy you do.

Stay blessed.

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