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Easter message 2020 – Choose healthy lifestyles this Easter

Easter message 2020 – Choose healthy lifestyles this Easter

As we pray for a turnaround in the devastating effects of COVID-19, let us focus on leading healthy lifestyles to promote our health by boosting our immune system and giving long life a chance.

Christ died on the cross so that we will have forgiveness of sin and enjoy eternal life with God and not in condemnation in hell fire. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” – John 3:16. So brethren, amidst the hustle and suffering for daily bread, let us ensure that we benefit from this salvation grace and enjoy in the life after here, do not suffer twice.

We also have the chance to make our life here on earth enjoyable by having good health and living a life free from trouble from preventable and manageable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, among others.

A lot of people are already working from home; this will continue for some weeks to come. Some people will also be home, not working because they have lost their jobs due to the economic impact of this deadly virus. In any case, being at home offers everyone the rare opportunity to eat a healthy meal. I say so because people on a normal day don’t have time to prepare and eat healthy meals; they grab junk food on the go, of course that fits into their busy lifestyle.It is in the same fast pace that they develop preventable diseases from the junk food as well. It will be of help to you if you spend some time on preparing what is good and healthy for you since you are home.

In a bid to promote social distancing, people have already stopped going to restaurants. In response, the natural remedy to hunger is eating from home. Just make sure that the home food is prepared well.

Another thing that can be done well, now that most people are home is exercise. Patients have been asking me whether stepping out to exercise in the Covid-19 environment doesn’t put them at risk of picking up the virus. If we are to go by what the World Health Organization (WHO) advises and what is happening in other countries, it is better to stay at home. Doctors and nurses from Italy especially are begging citizens to stay at home. Let us learn from their situation as we pray for them and ourselves. “If your neighbour’s thatch house is on fire, you fetch water and wait beside yours” – A Klefe proverb.

The way out is to walk at home. Use the compound in your house for some walk daily. Walk for about 30 minutes each day. And walk on most days of the week. It is even better to walk every day. There are also some walk videos that can be of help in times like this. There are several of these, just Google and see. A good example is “4 fast miles”. You can even watch these videos on your mobile phone and walk with them. They really help those who use them.

The role of fruits in building our immunity cannot be pushed to the back burner in times like these. They are loaded with vitamins like vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. The role of this antioxidant is very important in our daily lives and one of the best sources for someone who is not sick is fruits. Oranges are just an example. Most fruits are loaded with vitamin C. Just eat these fruits responsibly. Consuming lots of fruits means plenty fruit sugar which can be bad for your health. Blended fruit juice is also allowed in moderation. Say no to squeezed fruit juices as much as possible.

There are several other nutrients that play a role in keeping us strong and in fighting of germs that make us sick. Vitamins, minerals, protein; in actual fact all food nutrients have a role to play. That is why our focus should be on eating healthy well balanced meals. This is the way to go. Also eat breakfast, lunch and supper every day. Desist from eating these meals late, meaning no late breakfast, late lunch or late supper. Let us not forget that water is also a food nutrient and so adequate intake is required.

Stay blessed, stay home and stay safe.

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