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When medicines become our food!!!

When medicines become our food!!!

It is common these days to see one person having to depend on so many types of medicines/drugs on a daily basis so they can have a chance at good health and long life. We have to thank God for the invention of these medicines and also thank God for the lives of the medical doctors and pharmacists who work tirelessly to ensure that people are placed on these lifesaving medicines.

When you talk about medicines, you are not done until you mention the side effects they have and the dangers associated with these side effects. You will always recall that doctors and pharmacists offer education on the side effects of medications. Never joke with the information given you about drugs. Also never joke with your drugs. Indiscriminate and unjustified use of antibiotics for example can lead to a situation of resistance. A situation that can make it very hard to treat real infections and real threats to life. 

Much as medicines are important and lifesaving, applying them in the wrong way can bring lots of problems to the person involved and the human race. It is also problematic to get hooked unto drugs to the extent that conditions and diseases that may not require the use of medicines also receive drug treatment. This is not only an issue of self-medication but also a practice in health facilities.

We believe that medicines can solve all health problems in this country. That is why health policy largely has little to no place for other means of treatment especially (non-drug) in our dear nation.  Our people are not satisfied if they go to a healthy facility and walk back home without any pills. It is common to have patients ask me for their drugs after diet therapy sessions. They go like, where are my drugs. This only gives a firm backing to our belief in drugs.

Sometimes all you need is to eat healthy and have that condition totally resolved. Of course you need a dietician to help with that. So many people do not win over their diabetes with drugs alone. In fact they receive increment in their drug dozes anytime they visit their doctors. But once they get some advice on healthy eating, they achieve good sugar control. 

Some of the pains you harbor in your body do not require pain killers to be dealt with. You probably need some physical manipulations or pain management therapy from a physiotherapist. There are some people who are paralyzed; in fact have been paralyzed for so many years but are able to rise up and walk again after they have their spines realigned/ adjusted by a chiropractor. Visit a chiropractor and your life will never be the same again, yet these doctors do not use medicines. 

My many pharmacist friends always educate me on the bad side effects of medicines. In cases where people abuse medicines, the consequences are dire; use some pain killers indiscriminately and the result is a damaged kidney.

So it is good to also understand the value of rest, relaxation and vacations. People work all year round without any chance to sit and take some rest. No leave, not vacation; it is work, work and work. In the end you get so tired and burnt out. In a bid to find a solution to this state of affairs, people grab medicines. Often without a doctor’s prescription. Drugs are supposed to solve all problems; so we believe. But that is not the case. In this case for instance the simple solution to the problem of a tired individual is rest. They need to take some leave from work, rest and return to work relieved and well energized.

In a genuine case where medicines have truly become food for many people, I pray for divine help for them. It is really tough on these people. Some people will find it difficult to be able to buy these medicines at some point. Some of these people though they can continue to afford the medicines get fed up with the daily routine of swallowing or injecting them. They then begin to reject the medicines. Where there is no psychological support, their conditions just worsen and they die.

It is therefore a worthy campaign to get everyone to lead healthy lifestyles in order to prevent the lifelong diseases that are preventable. Eat healthy, get some regular exercise, take enough rest, live and enjoy life.

Always thinking and getting worried about things that you do not have only makes it impossible for you to enjoy what you have. First be grateful to God for the gift of life; declare to your maker every morning the words of Psalm 118:24 saying: This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Then move, take steps to enjoy every bit of the day. May God be our helper.

Stay blessed!!!

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  1. Great write up. Much encouragement and advice. Living a healthy life is key. I thank God for life .

  2. Your piece is really insightful. Thank you very much

  3. Great stuff. Keep educating us. Am grateful.

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