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Eating to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases

There is the need to do something about our current eating habits because prevalence of death from diet related conditions is on the increase in the world over. Hypertensive conditions contribute to most deaths occurring in our hospitals. On the global scene, a lot of people die from hypertension and hypertensive related diseases and conditions.
In Ghana today, almost one in every four persons suffer from hypertension. Also, about one in every four Ghanaian adults is obese. Obesity is a known precursor of stroke, heart attack, damage of blood vessels, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, gallstones, gall bladder cancer, colonic cancer, infertility among other deadly conditions. According to a study, nearly one in every ten Ghanaian above 25 years has diabetes. Of this, nearly 70% had no prior history of the disease. All these conditions are killing both the young and old. These statistics are worsening daily. Thus, in the years to come, we are likely to see more and more people suffer from these bad conditions. Often, young people continuously fall prey to this canker of chronic non-communicable disease.
The good news however is that, with proper eating and exercise, these conditions can be managed and patients can live to a ripe old age. Thus, there is light at the end of the tunnel for sufferers of these diseases. Eating well provides a more thrilling advantage to individuals who do not suffer from these diseases - That is prevention. It is better to prevent these life-long diseases than to seek to treat them.
The message of healthy eating has to be preached to the general public: the school child, pregnant woman, house wife, corporate worker who sits in the office all day and the business person who has no time for him/herself. All these people must be taught the right mode of food choices and intakes to enable them stay healthy.
This was the inspiration behind the publication of this book. The book contains 17 chapters. The first 13 are about some lifestyle diseases including high blood cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity, among others and how to eat so as to prevent and manage them. The last four chapters teach on how to eat fruits, how to drink water, how to go about exercise and how the pregnant woman should eat.
Valued reader, the world has endorsed healthy eating habits as a sure means to prevent and manage most of these lifestyle related/chronic diseases. I entreat you to take steps towards a healthy eating pattern for a healthy life.

Answers for your diet

Since the year 2010, I have written articles which were published in The Mirror Newspaper, this newspaper is a weekly publication of the Graphic Communications Group Ltd which enjoys a nationwide distribution. I had the opportunity to provide my contacts at the end of these articles.
Some readers from all over the country got in touch with me after reading these articles. All they did was to ask me questions. In some instances, the answers to these diet questions required that these callers be referred to hospitals and clinics where they would have access to professional dietetic intervention.
My career took me to several churches, corporate organizations, group meetings among others where I spoke to these groups on healthy eating habits. After these talks, I was always bombarded with questions.
On my radio and TV talk shows; viewers and listeners asked me questions. Questions about their diet in relation to their health.
In answering these questions, my clients were amazed at the truths revealed to them, scientific facts about their meals and meal plans. The choices that support health and wellness. Juxtaposed against what they used to hear from non-dietetic professionals, they realized that their questions were really being answered to their satisfaction.
There are so many questions on the minds of people concerning their eating habits. These questions deserve the right answers. That is what “Answers for your diet” seeks to do. You will find answers to that questions you have about your diet.
These questions border around everyday issues that affect everyone. You will find answers to these daily dilemmas on any page you turn to. Thus the book is full of solutions. The questions and answers also touch on many diseases. So anyone suffering from any of the diet related or lifestyle diseases will find their concerns addressed in “Answers for your diet”. The answers were carefully provided to stand the test of time. Surely, the suggestions provided in all the answers are tried and tested methods that have worked for patients I have personally attended to over the years.
Enjoy reading, enjoy learning while you prepare yourself for a healthy life!

About the author

Wise Chukwudi Letsa is a very passionate dietician who does not restrict his work to the confines of the hospital alone. He offers free dietary advice to the general public through weekly publication of articles in The Mirror Newspaper, TV and radio talk shows and news features.
He also gives talks at churches and to corporate organizations. He had his basic education at Achatime E. P. Primary School, Klefe and Kabore School, Ho (1997), and his secondary education at Mawuli School, Ho (2000).
He studied at the University of Ghana where he acquired a BSc. Nutrition and Food Science Degree in 2005 and an MSc Degree in Dietetics in 2009.
He is also an alumnus of the Africa Nutrition Leadership Program (ANLP-2015, Potchesfstroom, South Africa).
He is now a Principal Dietician at the Trust Hospital and Clinics. He is the founder of LETS Consult (Specialists in medical nutrition).
Wise Letsa is the author of the following books;
  1. Eating to prevent & manage lifestyle diseases.
  2. Answers for your diet.

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